Expect the unexpected… how to handle your best girls

You know it makes sense to….


keep your best girls on side


… be practical.  If your best bud is a bit of a ditz, they’re probably not the right person to organise your hen party.

… accept no for an answer.  It’s not every girl’s dream to be a bridesmaid, so don’t feel snubbed if your closest friend wants to take a back seat.

… set the budget.  Make it clear from the get-go who’s paying for what.  It saves a lot of red faces at the tills.

… be realistic.  That designer dress may look sensational in showbiz magazines, but friends come in all shapes and sizes.

… keep calm.  So your cousin’s had a dragon tattooed down her spine – who wanted backless dresses anyway?

… expect the unexpected.  Your right-hand girl’s pregnant!  If she wants to pull out, fine, but if not, there are plenty of gorgeous dresses to fit a beautiful baby bump.

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drink champagne and dance on the tables.
 If your sister-in-law’s a renowned lush though, it may be wise to appoint a discreet minder, at least until after the ceremony.

… not sweat the small stuff.  So the flowers in the bouquets aren’t the exact shade of pink you expected.  Trust us, no one will notice.

hampshire weddings-… be tactful.  Your matron-of-honour wants to sing My Heart Will Go On at the ceremony – Celine Dion she isn’t!  Suggest a reading instead perhaps?

… delegate jobs.  This is the perfect chance for your bossy mate from work to shine – clipboard at the ready

… listen to everyone’s point of view.  Then do what you want anyway – it’s your day after all!


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