Children & Family Portraits

Our Philosophy

~ Creative. Beautiful. Real. ~

At Moore & Moore Photography, we believe these three little words hold the key to capturing the perfect family photograph. If you want the fairytale image, we can make it happen.

Experts in family portraiture, our passion centres around spotting those special moments in life, before rendering them frozen in time. Renowned for our emotive work, we love to create images that reflect joy, excitement and laughter. That’s why family commissions are such fun – they really do bring out the best in us.

It’s equally important that we bring out the best in you, therefore we strive to ensure our photo sessions take place in a relaxed environment. We place emphasis on happy images that truly reflect your family’s bond, not staid poses that showcase little imagination. With this in mind, our method is simple – we encourage everyone to have fun.

There’s no pomp and circus (although we actively encourage plenty of clowning around) just a natural, effortless family day out. From babies to teens, parents to grandparents, we find that people tend to reveal their best (not to mention their best side) when they are simply encouraged to be themselves.

Our Service

To capture your family’s true spirit, it helps us to know a little bit more about you, and so we kindly ask that you fill in a quick online questionnaire in advance. (Tell the kids it’s homework – with added house points!) We will send this out approximately two weeks prior to your booking, so there’s no rush. Your answers will allow us to truly personalise your portraiture session – it really is unique to you and your loved ones. (If those loved ones are little terrors, feel free to tell us that too – we do enjoy a challenge.)

We’re more than happy to offer a telephone consultation, at any time, should you wish to finalise your requirements. On the day itself photography will typically last between one and two hours, depending on varying factors such as the type of session, your chosen location, or how much fun we’re having! Whenever necessary, feel free to take a break. There’s no pressure from us to put on a show, but every invitation to should your family feel inspired.

Once we’ve wrapped up, your images will be ready for viewing no more than two weeks later, at which time we will invite you to our studio for a private viewing and ordering appointment. At this stage we’d like to assure you that we require no minimum spend – we’re never pushy with parents. Most of all, we are here to help you select the images that really bring out the best of your family.

And maybe to play a game of peek-a-boo, or two.

"Helen and Tony certainly exceeded our expectations.  Not only did they produce the most beautiful images of our 12 month old daughter, but they also made sure we enjoyed every moment.”
Sebastien & Emilia

To discuss your family’s photography requirements, or to ask any questions, please contact us

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