Getting Creative With Your Wedding Photos

If you are an up and coming bride, one of those niggling little fears might well be how similar your wedding photos will look to every other couples. So for a wedding album with a unique twist, why not ask your photographer to try one of these amazing and creative wedding photos ideas to spice up your wedding album and create some truly wonderful memories.

Light Painting Love

This technique is really simple to do but incredibly effective. Creative light work can make any standard portrait a work of art. Just get your hands on a sparkler, torch or anything that gives out light, and get your photographer to take a long exposure shot. When the camera is going, rope in a friend, photographer or even your page boy (the kids love getting involved with this one!) to run around you and your partner in circles holding the sparkler. The result will be the two of you standing in a swirl of light that is just breathtaking. And it’s not just a swirl – you can make a Catherine wheel, draw patterns or even spell words like love in the sparkles.

The League of Heroes

This is a really fun way to bring your geeky hobbies into the wedding, and a way of getting the groom a bit more involved in the day! Get your groom and his groomsmen to all wear a t-shirt underneath their suit with the logo of their favourite superhero on the front. When it comes to photo time, open up the shirts and have them pose with the bridesmaids in their best superhero pose. The boys will look great and the girls will swoon, and everyone will have fun. you won’t be able to look at those photos without laughing!

Show It Off

We’ve all seen the photos of the girls swooning over the ring – so why not turn that on its head? Gather all your groomsman and pose in shock over the new wedding ring on your grooms finger! For the best images here, let loose and have fun with it – the more natural you can be, the better the results will be.

Snap Some Selfies

There are cameras on you all day, from dawn till dusk, so there will be no shortages of photos of you on your big day! However, when you are taking that all important 5 minutes to enjoy each other’s company as husband and wife, make sure you take a candid selfies to commemorate the day. Make sure during your reception you catch some shots with groups of friends, but with their phones – not yours. Nothing is more important than your wedding day.

Bridesmaid Bedlam

Why not spend your morning with your leading ladies and enjoy some last minute craziness? Whether its sliding along the hood of the car you’ve hired for the day, using mirrors and signs to have some fun, lasting memories, don’t let ceremony stand in the way of you enjoying the time with your bridesmaids. Our personal favourite is getting a shot with every bridesmaid individually pulling your goofiest face. Let loose and have fun – that’s why it’s called a celebration!

Double Exposures

Double exposures are perfect if you have some beautiful scenery around your venue that you want to capture. Set yourselves up against a beautiful backdrop and ask for a double exposure shot. They are a little tricky – but the result will be as though you have merged with the background – you will become a little translucent and you will be part of the breathtaking view. We love double exposure shots for that soft romantic feel and for couples who are at one with nature.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for creative wedding photos we would love to hear them!

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