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Before we tell the story of your life, we invite you to learn a little about ours

Behind every image, there is typically a tale to tell – and at Moore & Moore Photography it’s no different.

No matter whether we spend the day capturing your unique romantic moments, or playing games with your toddler in an attempt to coax a smile, our images are born out of a genuine passion for all that we do.

And who are we? We’re Helen and Tony; Hampshire-based wedding and family photographers with extensive experience crafting beautiful, innately elegant imagery that stands the test of time.

And what’s our story?

Well, we both always loved finding that perfect image, and a few years ago we were lucky enough to turn our hobby into our career. It was something of a lightbulb moment. One day we were happily snapping pictures of Helen’s baby niece, the next it dawned on us how many other people there were in the world to photograph; happy young families to older married couples and everything in between. We’ve met many of you since, and have never looked back.

From a personal point of view, we feel there is nothing better than working with people and helping them immortalise exquisite memories. Whether it’s your wedding day, a family birthday or special anniversary, we’re meticulous about the details; uncovering those little idiosyncrasies that make people, and their relationships, truly special.

Over the years clients have often enquired as to where our inspiration comes from. Well, in short, we love to travel, and firmly believe that exploring the various cultures of the world can only be a good thing for our work. Whether we’re strolling across the Tuscan hills or rambling in the Scottish Cairngorms – when we return home, we do so with inspired eyes.

Rest assured that wherever we may venture there is always a camera in tow, so if you’d ever like to see a holiday snap or two, all you have to do is say the word.

Or we could simply start with your story instead?


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